I have learnt to seek wisdom from people from all walks of life including men and women who did not succeed in their first attempt.

Many people see their failure as a permanent experience.

The reality is that they did not succeed at that time.

But the fact that they did not succeed once does not mean that they will fail every time at everything. It depends on their response to their predicament.

They may have had shortcomings in their knowledge, skill-sets or resources, but I love it when people determine that they can’t stay in the prison of their limitations.

These successful men and women, who once failed in the past, have found peace with the actions that lead to their failure. They have asked for forgiveness for making mistakes, and have learnt their lessons. Many of them have committed to improving themselves professionally as well as personally. Some have even taken associates under their wings and guided them on how they can avoid mistakes and do better.

If these men and women can find light and hope, how dare us not see the light that shines upon us.

So many of us are incarcerated in the prison of our minds by not looking for our light. We can easily get caught behind the bars of our limitations and limiting beliefs.

We have to get up every single day and make the choice to focus on improving our self.

If we choose not to focus on improving ourselves, we are not working towards our success.

If we look at every mishap of failure that ever happened to us as tragic, we are missing out on the light within that situation.

We all have opportunities that are presented to us on a daily basis. These opportunities up show up in the people we meet, the invitations we receive, and all the information shared with us.

Our response to these choices can determine how sooner we break free the prison and walk to the door of success.

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