Corporate Training Programs

We offer highly interactive, customised, experiential corporate training programs that are proven to be most useful and helpful in leadership and soft skills development in the workplace.

All our corporate training courses are presented onsite or as live interactive webinars. They are custom-designed from the ground up to meet the exact learning needs of the participants and the desired outcomes of the organisation. 

Our expert facilitators integrate the models and concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Image Management, Emotional and Social with the solid framework process of Group Coaching and Adult Learning Methodologies to deliver action-packed, insightful and impactful programs. 

And we focus on fostering a dynamic learning environment, making it easy for the participants to share their experiences, draw on different perspectives, and evaluate their habitual behavioural responses.

Unlike other powerpoint based trainings, our corporate trainings actually bridge the gap and yield return on investment. The stakeholders do get to notice the desired positive change in the participant’s approach and behaviour apropos our trainings.

Our Corporate Training Programs are best suited for:

Developing Future Leaders

We will help your supervisors, managers and aspiring leaders develop a powerful personality and improve soft skills so they can grow into effective leaders in the workplace.

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Navigating New Managers

Let us help your first time managers become better at managing teams, addressing complaints, handling grievances, resolving conflicts, and getting work done.

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Supporting Current Leaders

Our highly interactive, tailor-made workshops will help your experienced leaders enhance their influence and presence so they can drive better results and encourage workplace wellbeing.

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We address the challenges that stand in the way of your people’s best performance

Develop a Growth Mindset

Improve Professional Dressing and Grooming

Write Better Emails

Build rapport and authentic connections

Overcome Communication Challenges

Manage Nervous Energy and Build More Confidence

Give impactful Presentations

Create better first impressions

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