If you are working towards career advancement and you have decided to make a move, then use this article for planning job switch properly, and give yourself an edge in the job search.

Consequently, your job switch journey will become less challenging, and it will be easy for you to spin things in your favour during the interview.

3 Things you must do for a successful job switch

The effective job change strategies highlighted below will help you to plan your job change as well as job hunting work more intentionally so that you feel most successful, happy, and fulfilled in your career.

1. Be clear about what specifically you want to achieve in your career.


Rethink your career and recognise the best career path for yourself

And ensure that what you think you want is actually what you want from the depths of your heart. According to Gallup, almost 87% of the global working population feels disengaged from their work today.

So, do the inner and outer work required to pinpoint the role and responsibilities that would make you feel most successful and happy in your career.

2. Develop a supportive tribe


Network with people at your company, in your industry, and even outside your field of interest, and cultivate those relationships.

The reality is that more than 80% of jobs are NOT acquired through applying online on job portals. And, 70% of job vacancies are not even publicly listed. So, if you engage only in applying online and sending out your resumes, you may miss the boat altogether, and people who have mentors and supporters will get on-board instead.

Effective and powerful networking is the need of the hour. No matter how good you are at work and where you are in your career, develop an awesome community that will support you and help launch you to the next level.

Start taking more empowered action to build your tribe.

And, don’t stay stuck associating with people at your same level. Instead, reach higher, and connect with people of influence who have the key to open those doors that you find difficult to push open on your own.

3. Work on your Google Quotient and Personal Brand


There is no shadow of a doubt that your future employer is going to search you on google and LinkedIn before interviewing you or deciding if you are the right person to be hired for a specific role. According to an independent study, almost 70% of recruiters these days look at the candidate’s social media accounts and approximately 66% use search engines to evaluate candidates.

So, get the most from LinkedIn and Google.
And build results that are branded and relevant to your area of expertise.

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