These article guides you on how you can live your best life. It highlights the essential rules and principles of living the best life in its true sense.

The world is full of successful men and women who got what they wanted from life. They did not let their educational background, financial conditions, family circumstances, previous experiences, or fear of failure stop them from achieving what others thought as impossible. However, a majority of people do not know the steps they can take to uplift their lives. They do not know much about the principles and empowering beliefs that could give them a push to reach higher, and live a better life. Do you know those steps? Do you know how to improve your life and live your best life?

If you are not sure, then read this article thoroughly. This insightful article will apprise you of the most valuable principles that serve as concrete foundations to build the empire of desired life.

In fact, the purpose of this article is to hand over to you the empowering life coaching questions that will help you to improve your life, and make your present life the best of your life. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you will use this article to reshape and up-level your way of living.

After all, your life experience is yours to create. And you must not settle for anything less than what you can get.

Meaning of the phrase ‘live your best life’:-

The term ‘best life’ means different things to different people. So, let me share with you what I have understood about the phrase ‘Living your best life’

When you live life on your own terms, and say no to compromise…

When you live upto your highest potential, and raise the bar much more high…

When you maximise the possibilities for happiness, and love your life…

When you do things “now” and don’t put desires off for some imaginary time…

When you give your best to the world, and live a purpose driven life…

You very much live to the fullest, and you live your best life!

For example, for some people in India their best life is all about relaxing on a beach, using expensive gadgets, living in a big bungalow, owning a Ferrari, etc. And for some, the best life is the one where they are learning new things, spending time with family and friends, and using skills to produce higher value for others.

Thus, the kind of life and the lifestyle you want to live is entirely your personal choice. 

However, successful psychologists and emotional well-being practitioners have so far outlined some rules of living life to the fullest, and thus increasing the level of happiness, contentment and fulfilment in life. I encourage you to take a look on these rules of living your best life now, and use them to further improve and refine your lifestyle.

Having said that, please be aware that there is no guarantee that problems won’t pop up in your life. It’s just that you will find yourself smiling more times per day than frowning, crying, or fretting after events when you abide by these rules.

5 Steps To Improve Your Life And Live Your Best Life


Over the years, I have seen a lot of people climb up the ladder connecting present life with the desired best life. These people unveiled the fact that impossible is generally the untried. And, that you must make good use of the age-old principles, and take powerful steps to live a more fun filled and fulfilled life.

Would you be interested in knowing the steps to enhance your life and your lifestyle?

Are you ready to further improve your present life and live your best life, day and night?

I recommend you take these steps-

Step 1: Ascertain the specifics of your desired ‘best life’

The first step to improve your life and live the best life is to identify what you consider to be your “best life” and how would you live it.

It is all about determining three things-

First, What is the best life according to you?

Second, How do you want to live your best life?

Third, How will you know whether you are living your best life?

Step 2: determine your satisfaction level in the present life


This step is all about examining your thoughts and feelings about how you are living your day to day life, and identifying how satisfied you are with your present life.

For this, first spend 5 minutes reflecting on your past year. And then, speak out your the answers you get on reading the questions below-

  • Is your current life really what you have always imagined it to be?
  • Are you living your best life everyday, making the best of every moment you are spending?
  • Is your life (i) balanced, (ii) purpose driven, (iii) life true to your highest potential (iv) full of fun and excitement?
  • Do you absolutely  love your life, and  like what you are doing in life?
  • On a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is lowest and 10 is highest), how satisfied are you with your present life, overall? 

Here, I would like to tell you that it is important that you give a score to your satisfaction level with present life. That’s because in the next step, you will be required to set intentions and outline a plan on the basis of this score.

Also, if you have defined your desired best life with 100% clarity, then the answer to the above questions will definitely click.

Further, there are some important points, that you must definitely keep in mind while answering the above questions.

Firstly, do not judge yourself for your past, or for what others did to you, or for what differentiates you from others. Rather, think only about the things you want to change in order to improve your present life. And, be strong enough to design the life you want. After all, today isn’t the finish line of who you can become! Your future is always in your hands.

Second, do not go down the lane of analysing the whys about the whats you couldn’t achieve, or the opportunities you lost. Instead, be focused on what has to happen for you to get what you want.

Third, do not use someone else’s standards to assess your life. That’s because nobody knows all the things about you or all the reasons why you do certain things. So, don’t use someone else’s eyes to reflect on your eyes.

Lastly, allow your instincts to be your guide this time, and be very quick in arriving at your answers.

Step 3: Set clear intentions to improve your life and live your best life 


This step is all about identifying the specific bits that need your attention, and pin-pointing the ones that you are willing to address now.

Well, as you set out to set your intentions, I have a few requests.

I would like to ask you to pay attention to all your desires. Please make yourself a priority, and do not squelch any of your desires, or feel guilty for thinking and putting yourself first.

And, if required, give yourself an encouraging kick in the butt to make an earnest proposition. Don’t fall in the trap of worrying how things are going to happen. Just be absolutely focussed only on-

How would you want to live your best life starting today?

Once you have declared your intentions to your satisfaction, devise a plan to make things happen.

Step 4: Outline a plan, and set up a follow-up process 

This step is all about making up your mind about what you will do to improve your life, how you will measure your performance, and how you will check your progress.

To prepare your action plan now, first identify the actions that will help you show up at your best, and make a to-do list.  

Next, identify the regular actions you must take to learn or develop the skills and competencies that will help you accomplish what you set out to do. Accomodate these actions in your daily or weekly to-do list.

Finally, establish the milestones by ascertaining how often you want to carry out an action, how much improvement you expect to see, and how many results you want achieved  in a designated time.

Among other things, outlining a plan and a follow-up process is often underrated. However, in my opinion this is one of the most important steps you can take to further improve your life, and live your best life. That’s because it enables you to track your performance and increase your effectiveness in the process.

If you start taking footsteps without wearing any device to track activity, you will not know if you are making the right moves or not. So, give it a shot, and do the needful. 

Step 5: Do as you planned to improve your life and live your best life

Now at this step, the stage is all set for you. Therefore, without any delay, do what you must do to sit on the driver’s seat and take control of your life in both the hands. After all, great things do not happen just by chance. Instead, you need to move in the right direction, and you must not lose your momentum, at any cost, to be super successful in your endeavour.

What do you think are the ways of maintaining your momentum?

I recommend being fixated not on the desired result, but on the routine tasks and fruitful habits that you have identified to achieve your desired life.

Allow me to elaborate on how to can maintain your momentum.

There will be days when you will be spending your day the way you wanted to, and you will be the person you wanted to be. Also, there will be days when you will not be able to have your best shot. 

So, on the days you feel dissatisfied, do not become a lawyer of your excuses. Instead, become a detective. Ask yourself-‘what obstacles are coming in between?’, and ‘what should be done to overcome them and achieve better results?’

Furthermore, on the days you feel absolutely satisfied, first ask yourself-what more do you want in life? Then, take the steps to further improve, and live your best life! That is to say, consistently live your best life, and further expand your best life.

Additionally, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that nothing stops you from living your life to the fullest. It is only your own self imposed limitations or baseless excuses that block your way. Therefore, you must believe in yourself and let go of all the self-doubts you may have.

Well I know this is a little easier said than done.

So, I have listed down some empowering beliefs of excellence that you can use to keep your best foot forward and live the life you want.

10 Beliefs Of Excellence

  • There is a solution to every problem. I just need to hang in there for a little more time, and search more extensively.

  • Nothing is hard, just challenging. If someone can do it, I can very well do it too.  And, I have the internal capacity and the mental wiring to figure out what I need to learn more or what I need to do in order to cope with things and preform better easily.
  • Everyone deserves the best in life, and so do I.
  • I am 100 percent responsible for my life, and how I let things affect my life. My decisions and not my circumstances create my reality.
  • The universe rewards effort, not excuses.
  • Every day is a fresh new start.
  • There is no failure, only feedback and learning. The day I stop trying is the only time in life I really fail.
  • Life often does not go as planned. Everything is temporary, including my circumstances. And I will be okay. Life has definitely planned better things ahead of me.
  • My everyday habits form my future self, and my life is a reflection of the dominant thoughts.
  • Nothing changes if nothing changes. If I continue doing things the same way, I will continue to get the similar results.

Ways To Live Life To The Fullest


1. Be intentional and purposeful

What it means is, remember what matters and always be aware of why you are doing things. In other words, do not sleepwalk through the days on an auto-pilot mode.

2. Be true to who you are.

That is, do not do what you don’t want, in an effort to please other people. Also, do not be afraid of what people might think or say, and do not let other people run your life. For this, always ensure that what you want in life aligns with your principles, your value sets, your priorities, and your preferences. 

3. Live in the present.

What it means is, do what you want, at the time you want, and for the reasons that you want. For example, if you are putting off your desires for some other time in the future, then you are not living your best life yet. Similarly, when you are stuck in the past thinking what could have happened, what you could have done, etc. and you are not living in the moment, then you are not living your best life.

4. Discover and grow beyond your best self.

That is, be committed to be your best self. That’s because, living the best life is the continuous progression of identifying what you want, and making things happen for yourself. As such, it is not a one time thing like quitting the job, planning an exotic vacation, getting the dream job, buying a luxury villa, or doing no work whatsoever.

5. Take good care of your mind and body.

What it means is, keep yourself protected from the barrage of negative thoughts and emotions. For this, live a balanced, live with mindfulness, and stay in the present. And, do not stay stuck at what happened yesterday, or the week before, or the year ago, or even decades ago.

6. Hold yourself to the highest conduct.

That is, behave as your ideal self will. Moreover, stretch yourself to be your best more often, and constantly work on improving yourself. Also, be absolutely okay with stepping out of your comfort zone.

7. Be gentle with yourself.

What this involves it, appreciate and celebrate yourself more often.And, get rid of the regrets, and the obsession to have things done your way. Moreover, don’t compare yourself or your life with others. That’s because everyone you meet is better than you at something and everyone is fighting their own battle. So, appreciate what you have and be open to new changes.

8. Don’t be a cry baby and be solution focussed.

In other words, instead of dwelling on the problem utilise time looking for a solution. Also, silence the little voice in your head that tries to discourage you, and think about creating your own opportunities. For example, if you’re not happy with something, then focus your attention on taking actions that are in your control, instead of complaining. Alternately, think on the lines of-‘next time…’ rather than thinking in terms of ‘what ifs’, because this thinking pattern will help you get back on track.

9. Own your choices.

What it denotes is that make meaningful choices, and do not blame others for things gone wrong. Moreover, have enough willpower, discipline, and accountability to take your life choices in both hands and own them. 

10. Have 100% belief in yourself and your abilities.

That is, inhale the empowering and useful beliefs of excellence and exhale the limitations of your mind. That’s because, you become what you believe. So, you must never limit the amount of good you deserve, and have immense belief in yourself as well as your competencies. 

Simple things to do to live your best life


Listed below are the 8 simple things to do to live the best life, and be more happy everyday.


  • Reconnect with old friends, and make new friends. Furthermore, spend time with genuine, authentic people regularly and foster stronger connections.
  • Go out, travel and see how big and diverse the world is. Know that there will always be an excuse to not travel. Despite that, just step out of the monotonous routine once in a while, and feel the change.
  • Eat healthy, stay active, and take conscious steps to take better care of your physical health, plus your overall well-being. Do some yoga and meditation in the morning, and go for a walk in the evening, regularly.
  • Practice Self-Love daily. Additionally, create your bucket list and do more of those things that make you feel good. Everyday, do something that makes your heart sing!
  • Keep learning, keep developing yourself, and keep upgrading yourself. Take out time to do enough reading and educate yourself about topics that are likely to help you become more efficient in things you want to do.
  • Adopt minimalism. That is, get rid of the things you don’t need in life, and buy only the things you need. And thus, make room for better things and better vibrations in your life.
  • Do a kind deed daily that will make this world a better place.
  • Improve your financial habits. That is, find a good balance between saving and spending and allow your money to grow over time. Thus, be prepared for unexpected events in the future.

5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself To Bridge The Gap And Uplift Your Life

Use the following questions to remove as many distractions as possible, and focus on what specifically you want. These life coaching questions will come handy in setting crisp and clear intentions. I advise you to grab a pen and plain sheet of paper, and spend some quality time reflecting on these questions.

  • Which areas of your life need improvements?
  • What specific needs and desires do you want to fulfil more often?
  • As if there are no restrictions and compulsions, and you had all that you wanted,

– what have you been doing that you wish to stop doing or make cutbacks in?

– and, what have you not been doing that you wish to start doing or do more often?

  • What aspects of your life do you wish to maintain untouched? And what specific aspects of your life are you willing to change now?


Your answer to the above questions will give you a sense of direction about what specifically you want to change and what you want to keep intact in the big picture of moving closer to your desired best life.


The above mentioned were some of the best life advice, and useful thinking patterns that have helped me and several others in making the best out of life. I hope you find them useful. Also, I would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Would you like to share your best advice and suggestions so that even others can benefit from using them? Then please type a reply in the comment section below-

What kind of life is the best life according to you?

To get the best out of life, what are some principles that you follow?

What rules are your specific top 3 rules for living your best life?

Which of the beliefs do you find most relevant and helpful?

What are some other beliefs that you follow?

And, what inspires you or keeps you motivated to live your life in the best possible manner?

I wish you immense courage to make your present life the best life and shine bright!

~Thank you for following my work~