Get Noticed For A Promotion At Work

People who don’t get noticed, don’t get growth in their career fast!

You may be more hardworking, disciplined, sincere, and knowledgeable than others. But if you are not noticed by the senior management or decision makers, chances are that you will not grow as quickly as some of the others who make their presence felt. 

Working in the same role for years, waiting for the promotion you want is frustrating. It brings stress, anxiousness and all sorts of self-doubts. 

We believe that all ambitious, hardworking and passionate individuals deserve to get promoted to leadership positions in their workplace.

So, connect with us and let us help you get opportunities to move up to the next level at work in double-quick time.


Be Considered for Exciting Projects


Earn Trust and Gain Greater Respect 


Make More Money


Multiply Success and Happiness

Prepare, and Step into the Next Leadership Role Soon!

Our solutions address the wide range of needs and challenges of individuals aspiring to step into a leadership role soon.

Professional Grooming and Image Consulting

Giving Impactful Presentations

Navigating Office Politics

Writing Better Emails and Messages

Building rapport and authentic connections

Interpersonal Communication Skills Training

Developing Growth Mindset

Improving Body Language

Demonstrating Executive Presence

We work in live virtual and/or in-person delivery options. Based on your unique needs and learning styles, we accommodate our delivery style.

Here’s what we offer:


Immersive VIRTUAL Trainings

We offer intensive, virtual, instructor-led training interspersed with ample practise exercises. The focus of these trainings is to help you build very high levels of capability and mastery on selected topics of your choice.


Customised CORPORATE Trainings

We deliver a range of customised, outcome-driven, condensed, fast-paced, experiential training programs and workshops online or on-site.


Remote Consulting

We offer personalised one on one session to individuals seeking expert opinions, recommendations and strategies to get noticed by the decision makers, and fast-track career success.

Research Based Tools, Techniques and Strategies. No Guesswork !

Our offerings are powered by behaviour science-based proven tools, techniques, and strategies. We go deep into the fundamentals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, and Image Management.

About Results and WellBeing Initiatives

We are a premier boutique consultancy devoted to helping people develop a powerful persona and radiate more confidence. 

Our endeavour is to help you position yourself for more success and growth in your career. 

Our crew of Executive Coaches, Image Consultants, and Soft Skills Trainers care about your personal presence, impact, and success in the workplace.

– Swati Khede

Be Seen As Suitable For Higher Leadership Roles

Get the attributes and competencies you need to demonstrate your readiness for the next leadership position

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