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In my 1-on-1 coaching sessions, leaders often set the goal of leading in a way that moves the team toward peak performance. And to align leadership style with this aspiration, they take time to reflect on their strengths and areas that need improvement. Overtime, this introspection makes it easy for them to adapt to a more effective leadership approach. So, in this article I have highlighted some thought-provoking questions to help you understand how your leadership affects the effectiveness and accomplishments of your team.

Would you like to explore and understand the influence of your leadership style on your team’s overall performance? 

I encourage you to take time and delve deep into your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

These questions often serve as a powerful motivator for positive change. They even help in increasing the sense of accountability. So, choose to actively engage in introspection and reflection. And validate that you are not merely managing your team but actively guiding them toward peak performance.

15 Questions To Assess How Your Leadership Affects Your Team’s Outcomes

    1. How often does your team deliver high-quality work on time and within budget, going above and beyond expectations

    2. In the organisation or industry, how does the performance of your team compare to that of other teams?

    3. In what ways has your team’s productivity changed under your leadership?

    4. How has the turnover rate in your team changed compared to before?

    5. How would you describe the level of collaboration in the team?

    6. How do you perceive the overall stress levels within your team?

    7. In what ways do you contribute to a positive and motivated team culture?

    8. How have you encouraged your team to be innovative-thinker and cautious risk-taker?

    9. How has the sense of ownership and accountability shifted in the team?

    10. How would you evaluate your success in helping your team learn from its mistakes?
    11. In what ways have you helped team members advance their careers and professional development?

    12. What level of success would you say you have had in creating a blame-free culture?

    13. What impact have you had on your team’s capacity to manage and adapt to change?

    14. What view or impression do coworkers and other people outside your team have of your leadership effectiveness?

    15. In what ways have you made your team more effective?

Next Steps

I trust that the questions above have helped you get complete picture of how your leadership affects the productivity and performance of your team.

In what ways has your leadership enabled your team to achieve its maximum potential?

What would you like to appreciate about yourself as a leader?

What would you like to start doing in order to do even better as a leader?

What habits or behaviours would you change? And what will you continue to do?

Let this introspection work as a catalyst for improving your effectiveness as a leader. Evaluate the consequences of your decisions and behaviour, and set worthwhile leadership goals for yourself. If you would like to collaborate with me on this reflective and transformative journey, drop me a message here. I’ll be happy to provide personalised coaching online