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If you would like to have a successful career, avoid these top five reasons why people fail in their careers.

Personally, I don’t believe much in the idea of luck. I think that things go well or not so well for us based on our own beliefs and actions. And we create our own luck by becoming intentional, persistent, and making personal growth a daily priority.

Believe it or not, for every single reason why it may not be possible, there are thousands of people who have faced similar circumstances and succeeded.

So, here are the top five ways people get in their own way and fail in their careers:

1. No Career Goals:

The foremost major cause of failure is the absence of clearly outlined career goals. 

Researchers have noted that average working professionals do not have a clear purpose and vision. And that’s why they end up being average.

To succeed in your career, you need to be clear about your job purpose, fueled by your life dreams.

Most successful people know what they want and are willing to go through hell to get it. They know what to shoot for. So, look deep within yourself and set ambitious career goals.

Once you’ve discovered your career aspirations, you can start working towards them. You can bring your presence, communication, self-presentation in alignment with what you want to do, and where you want to reach in your career. And that can change the course of your life. I’ve seen that happen again and again with my clients who have skyrocketed success in their career and life.

2. Poor Job Fit:

Sometimes a case of mismatched interests, values, or personality is a major hindrance to career success for a lot of people.

A good example can be seen in the life of professionals in India who wanted to pursue arts but were forced by parents to make a career in the field of engineering or medical science.

When people are stuck in a profession or organisation that doesn’t suit them, they do not get a sense of productivity and satisfaction in work. The fatigue is similar to what you experience on having to wear shoes that are two sizes too large or two sizes too small.

Are your day-to-day tasks not energising you much?

Is your idea of progress moving backwards slowly?

If so, evaluate yourself and your situation.

In case there is a poor fit, think about making a change. Discover the weakness that weakens you. Reevaluate your direction and allow yourself to dream.

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3. An Unwillingness to Change:

Perhaps the most relentless enemy of more achievement, growth, and success in a career is inflexibility. You need to be open to making changes- both in yourself as well as in your situation.

Some people, however, seem to be in love with the past, or they are so afraid to try something new so much so that they don’t think about making any changes.


I bet you’ve seen that people who take chances, who thrive on change, get ahead fast.

So, be willing to accept the change.

Frankly, when you resist change, you are actually blocking success. Don’t do that!

4. Focusing Only On Technical Expertise:

Technical knowledge is overrated. Not because it doesn’t have a significant value, but because it alone isn’t enough to take you up the success ladder.

The most successful CEOs and leaders understand this. They did not skip the day-to-day work of improving their interpersonal skills and presence.

I was talking to someone a couple of days ago, and he was complaining about not being heard in the boardroom meeting. ‘It wasn’t fair,’ he said. ‘I had good points, but they didn’t give me a chance to speak.’

We had a good discussion. And he was able to make out that what he initially pointed out as politics and favouritism was actually a gap in his skills to effectively relate to others and speak his mind. It was the vocal, verbal and non-verbal communication skills he needed to brush upon.

How are you when it comes to working with people? Are you genuine and authentic? Do you get heard? How well do you get along?

Don’t rely only on technical know-how. Make sure that you polish your soft skills so that you are not left behind in the race to the top.

5. Poor self-image:

Many people possess a poor self-image without having any idea about it. I was one of them, and I had no clue about my blind spots.

Experts suggest that you need a healthy self-image because it determines which actions you will take and how you will feel every day. Both these will further lay the bedrock of your career success.

So, don’t mentally minimize the idea of success. Raise your self-esteem to have a better career.

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