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People who want to improve soft skills often look for the best soft skills trainer. But many of them can’t figure out how to select the best soft skills trainer in India.

According to us, the best soft skills trainer is someone who is the right fit for you and with whom you would feel comfortable working. In this article, therefore, we offer six specific pointers that you can use to identify and choose the best soft skills trainer in India who is an appropriate match for your goals and roles.

Choosing The Best Soft Skills Trainer – What to Look for?

The most worthwhile way to select the best soft skills trainer is to shortlist and compare soft skills trainers on the following 5 criteria:

1. Credentials of the Soft Skills Trainer


Pay attention to the soft skills certifications and achievements of the trainer. Also, check the legacy of training and coaching organisations that trained the trainer.

In the soft skills training industry, it is not uncommon to come across soft skills trainers who themselves are not professionally trained and certified. Believe it or not, a lot of soft skills training companies employ trainers on the grounds of just excellent communication skills.

Just because someone can talk and present themselves well does not necessarily mean that they have the know-how and expertise to train others on soft skills.

So, take out your investigation glasses and run a mini search on the trainer’s credentials. Consequently, you will get a clear picture of the trainer’s abilities and potential. clarity. You will also gain an assurance that your shortlisted trainer has the competencies required to train and coach others efficiently.

💡 Identify the following:

  • Qualifications and certifications relevant to soft skills training
  • Real credibility of the organisations and trainers who certified him or her

2. Experience as a  Soft Skills Trainer


Validate and quantify their experience as the soft skills trainer. If required, ascertain the corporate experience as well.

If you are looking to improve your soft skills for better performance in managerial and higher leadership roles, the corporate work experience of trainers who are from known and reputed organisations will be a plus.

Frankly, soft skills training is a recession-proof, ever-growing industry. And therefore, the market is flooded with trainers of all kinds. Even those who have no real background in training jump into the field because of the good returns, recognition and celebrity status a soft skills trainer normally receives.

Reading self help books, watching YouTube videos and creating a plan of action definitely help in improving soft skills. But they never made someone a competent and skilled trainer.

So, save yourself from such fake self-help professional gurus and gimmicks. Check the actual soft skills training experience of the trainer and get the best return on your investment of time, effort, and money.

💡 Pay attention to the following:

  • Training profile of the trainer
  • Number of years in the training industry
  • Kind of programs facilitated

3. Professional Memberships


Check if the trainer is an active member of renowned associations and institutions.

Soft skills is an evolving field. And professional membership of reputable organisations is an important factor to consider for the following two reasons.

First of all, well acclaimed membership associations approve the membership status of an individual only upon validating the trainer’s expertise.

Secondly, professional associations keep trainers abreast of changes and recent development in the industry. They enable the trainers to keep their course content and training skills up to date.

So, check the professional membership status and separate the best soft skills trainer from the rest.


4. Working Niche


To spot the soft skills trainer who is the best fit for you, look for the trainers who have expertise in those topics (niche) in which you need the training.

The soft skills industry, just like every other industry is a vast field where different soft skills trainers work in different niches with different target audience.

For instance, some trainers specialise in training kids, teens and students on self-management skills like time management, stress management, emotional intelligence, etc. Some specialise in training working professionals on management and leadership skills, delegation skills, the art of giving feedback, etc.

Even though the fundamentals and concepts of soft skills remain unchanged, the selection and depth of topics vary as per the learning needs of the participants. 

Training a student on dining etiquette, for example, is much different from training a CEO on the same topic. A soft skills trainer who has been training only students may or may not have expertise in the specific outcomes a CEO expects to achieve from dining etiquette training.


5. Training Style

The Best Soft Skills Trainer is someone who can deliver world-class quality content in a way that you enjoy the training and you achieve the specific outcomes you expect from the training.

Most of the soft skills trainers offer a keynote presentation on soft skills topics. Only a handful of them uses a coaching-based approach to offer in-depth experiential learning-based programs. The focus of the soft skills sessions could be to make you aware of the concepts and fundamentals. Or it could be to help you identify and bridge the gaps in your skills through practice exercises, role plays, etc.

So, ensure that you select a trainer whose delivery style are in alignment with your needs and aspirations.

6. Testimonials

While looking for the best soft skills trainer in India, you need to do your research well. Especially because testimonials and reviews can be manipulative in the digital space.

Many newbie trainers fabricate fake testimonials to project themselves as an expert on digital platforms. It hurts to see people falling for such baits and regretting it soon after.

All the benefits from soft skills training can be realised only when you receive soft skills training from an expert soft skills trainer. So, pierce the media glare and separate the well qualified soft skills trainers from the ones who are using social media branding and images to portray a picture that might not be true.

💡 Check the following:

  • Concrete evidence of the quality of soft skills training program
  • LinkedIn or word of mouth recommendations as they are not easy to fudge.

Our Pick for the Best Soft Skills Trainer in India

Spotting the best soft skills trainer is a tough choice. Especially since there are several soft skills trainers out there, offering soft skills training in varied styles and depth.

If you are someone who is interested in improving your communication and interpersonal skills online, click here to see the profile of Swati Khede who effortlessly qualifies all the criteria of the Best Soft Skills Trainer and Executive Coach in India and all across the world. She offers high-quality, impactful and affordable soft skills courses. And she is in the soft skills business not just for minting money.

There are many self-proclaimed best soft skills trainer in India who have no real training expertise. It is painful when you happen to be their victim. So, be smart while searching for the best soft skills course and attend training only with that soft skills trainer who is the best fit for you.